Welcome to the 2024 legislative session & TOWN HALL INVITE!

Dear friends and neighbors,

The 2024 legislative session is officially underway, spanning 60 days of discussions, decisions, and opportunities to shape the future of our state. Your engagement is essential, and I encourage you to keep in touch as we navigate the legislative process.

Keep reading for updates on some of our interim work and legislative priorities and a town hall invite, and tune into this video I made about my 2024 session priorities.

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I’m excited about the work ahead, and I look forward to keeping you informed every step of the way.

Here are some ways to stay engaged:  

  • Watch: Join me on TVW.org for live broadcasts featuring debates, votes, committee meetings, and other significant events. 
  • Research: Stay informed by exploring legislation based on lawmakers or topics that resonate with you. Understanding these issues is key to our collective progress. 
  • Learn: Dive into the legislative process from its inception to gain a deeper understanding of how decisions are shaped and executed. 
  • Testify: Your voice is powerful. Whether virtually or in writing, you can continue to testify on legislation during the committee process. Share your insights and personal stories to make a lasting impact.
  • Get in touch — You can reach my office by email at Springer@leg.wa.gov, or are welcome to call the legislative hotline number (toll free 800-562-6000). This year, we will accommodate in-person and virtual meetings. To schedule a meeting, please contact my Legislative Assistant, Emily Wills, at Emily.Wills@leg.wa.gov.
Ways to participate joint

Building Wildfire Management

This summer, we had the largest number of wildfires ever recorded in state history. Because of the substantial work we’ve done in wildfire management over the last few years, 95% of these fires were put out before they grew past 10 acres.

I visited the Bolt Creek fire site on a tour with fellow legislators to witness firsthand the impact of wildfires on our community. The Sourdough Mountain wildfire, which began in the North Cascades, underscored the urgent need for continued environmental initiatives and enhanced wildfire safety and prevention measures.

From navigating power disruptions to the complex dynamics of naturally occurring fires, it is clear that our environmental policies must evolve to meet the changing needs of our community.

As we enter into decisions over the next 60 days, we are dedicated to championing legislation that prioritizes environmental sustainability, enhances wildfire prevention, and ensures the safety of our communities.

bolt creek

Navigating Transportation Challenges: The Path Towards Safer Roads and Efficient Ferries

In recent news, the condition of our ferries and highways has gained attention, highlighting the challenges we face in addressing the escalating construction costs for crucial transportation projects.  My colleagues and I are fully aware of the pressing issues concerning our state’s iconic ferry system, roads, and essential infrastructure. Washington is currently grappling with unexpected cost overruns on various transportation projects, from constructing new vessels for our ferry system to addressing highway maintenance and barriers obstructing fish passage—an imperative federal mandate. Alongside these challenges, we are actively engaged in the search for a suitable vendor to build our new ferries, and we’re also navigating workforce shortages impacting the construction and maintenance of our roadways. Despite these hurdles, our commitment remains unwavering as we work diligently to enhance the safety and efficiency of our transportation network.


Addressing Housing Affordability: Our Commitment to Real Solutions

I share your concerns about the challenges of housing affordability in our community. Despite our robust economy, housing prices have become a significant barrier for many families and individuals. I want to assure you that addressing this issue remains a top priority for myself and my colleagues.

In 2023 we took historic steps making investments to create 13,200 affordable homes and expanding emergency housing options for 2,300 people experiencing homelessness. However, I understand that the need persists, with rising eviction rates and increased vulnerability among renters. It’s clear that we must focus on creating over a million affordable housing units by 2044.

To tackle this challenge, we’ve consistently increased funding since 2013, reaching a total of over $1 billion in the 2023-25 budgets. This includes $400 million for the Housing Trust Fund, dedicated to constructing and preserving affordable units.  That is the largest allocation ever.

Looking ahead to 2024, our strategic agenda is focused on critical areas: rent stabilization, enhancing the Rapid Capital Housing Acquisition program, supporting local housing programs, and addressing the unique housing needs of specific communities, including those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

I want you to know that I am committed to finding real solutions for housing and homelessness in our community, ensuring that everyone in Washington has a place to call home.


45th Legislative District Telephone Town Hall!

Join me and my 45th LD seatmates, Senator Manka Dhingra and Representative Roger Goodman, for a Telephone Town Hall on January 23 at 7:00 PM. If you don’t receive a call, you can call in to the event at 877-229-8493 and use the PIN: 116292.

Here is a survey link if you would like to submit questions beforehand.  

If you’d like to get in touch but can’t participate in the Town Hall, please feel free to email me or come stop by my office in Olympia. I hope to hear from you soon!


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more updates throughout the 2024 legislative session

Best wishes,

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State Representative Larry Springer
45th Legislative District