Legislative Update: Cutoff has passed

Dear Friends and Neighbors, 

House of Origin cutoff has officially passed, and I’m thrilled to highlight some of the legislation we’re sending over to the Senate!  

Helping all kids succeed in school and life
Each student has different skills, goals, and challenges. That’s why I sponsored Graduation Pathways, a program that created multiple paths for students to find their way from K-12 public schools to whatever future they chose to pursue. 

House Bill 1308 would establish a new option for students to meet graduation pathway requirements by completing a performance-based learning experience where they apply their knowledge and skills in the real-world.  

Keeping students safe
As both a mother and an educator I was extremely proud to vote yes on House Bill 1143 and House Bill 1240, two pieces of common-sense legislation that will save lives. 

House Bill 1143 mandates safety training and a 10-day waiting period before the purchase of a firearm. Studies have shown that delaying a person in crisis from gaining immediate access to a firearm can mean the difference between life and death. Safety training promotes safe storage and keeps guns out of the hands of children.  

House Bill 1240 will ban the sale and distribution in Washington state. Personally, I am tired of overseeing mass shooter drills at my day job. This bill will save lives by keeping these weapons out of the hands of mass shooters while allowing law-abiding citizens to keep firearms they already own.  

More kids are dying by gun violence than car accidents, cancer, suffocation, and drug overdoses. That’s why there was no time to debate, we needed to act.  

Standing up for families
House Bill 1151 requires insurance providers to cover infertility treatments. So many people save tens of thousands of dollars for years to either start or grow their families. By including these treatments in insurance coverage can have access to the car they need to grow their families.  

House Bill 1455 bans child marriage in Washington state. Child marriages are part of a long history of abusive, coercive, and forced marriages that lead to a lifetime of trauma and contribute to human trafficking, and it was passed time to outlaw them here.  Raising the age to marry to 18 will allow those who find themselves in dangerous situations to access the legal or protective support they may need. 

We accomplished so much but there’s still much to be done. Please let your Senator know that you support the bills we passed out of the house. Also, please join us at our next tele-townhall taking place on March 29 at 6:30pm.

 In Service,