Berg Named Chair of Finance Committee

OLYMPIA – Washington House Democrats announced this week that Rep. April Berg (D – Mill Creek) will chair the House Finance Committee. 

Berg is the first Black woman to chair a fiscal committee in the history of the Washington State Legislature. Berg will chair the committee that addresses revenue while striving to create an equitable, stable, transparent, and just tax structure for the state.  

“Taxes should be unbiased. Although numbers do not see color, the codification of numbers into revenue policy has historically been unfair to marginalized communities.” 

Berg was the Vice Chair of Finance during the 2021-2022 biennium.  She is a former small business owner and aerospace program manager. Berg has served on both the Edmonds and Everett School Boards. Additionally, Berg has served as a planning commissioner for the City of Mill Creek, where she has provided support for local businesses, improved transit connectivity, and has developed creative solutions to accommodate growth and promote affordability.  

Berg brings experience in project management, B&O taxation, local revenue generation, and school financing. Her professional and lived experience led to eight of the bills that she prime-sponsored being signed into law during the 2021-2022 biennium. These bills focused on the needs of working families, tax policy changes, and creating jobs. 

“As Chair of the Finance Committee, I will bring a unique and needed historical understanding of intent versus impact as we move towards a more fair and just tax code.” 

Berg, in this historic moment, will chair the most diverse Finance Committee in the state’s history, bringing new perspectives, experiences, and voices to the table.  

In addition to the Finance Committee, Rep. Berg will serve on the Appropriations and Local Government Committees in the 2023 and 2024 legislative sessions.