Biography and priorities

Biography and legislative priorities 

A common thread throughout my entire life and career has been a commitment to equity, inclusion, and results. 

In so many ways, my background and story reflect our district —  I’m a believer in great public schools and that’s paired with an understanding of small business, aerospace, and community building. 

As the former owner of The Edmonds Inn: Bed and Breakfast, I know what it takes to build and managed a business, along with the true nature of customer service and problem-solving. And like many in the 44th District, I have worked in aerospace as a former Boeing Procurement Agent and Program Manager. 

After being raised on the Southside of Chicago, I moved to the Northwest for my education and was elected the first Black and youngest student body president in the history of Oregon State University. Soon after, I was appointed by the governor of Oregon as a student representative to the Oregon State Board of Higher Education.  

Today, I am the first Black woman to represent the 44th District of Washington.  

It’s a district that I know well. My family and I have lived in Snohomish County for more than 20 years. Our children attend Western Washington University and Jackson High School in the Everett School District. Two of our children have graduated from the University of Washington. 

The education of our children—and all of our children—is an incredibly important value to me. passion for quality schools for all kids is why I served on the Edmonds School Board and Everett School Board, pushing for updated textbooks, better technology for our kids, vocational education, and helping families get through the COVID school closures. 

I’ve also served as a planning commissioner for the City of Mill Creek, where I formed partnerships to support existing and future businesses, improve transit connectivity and develop solutions to accommodate growth and encourage more affordable housing choices.  

Our district is growing and changing quickly, which has brought great opportunities along with tremendous challenges. Schools are overcrowded and housing is overpriced. Expenses are rising faster than our incomes. 

I was drawn to service—in my local school, my city, and now the House of Representatives—because everyone deserves a voice in the direction of Washington state. Young people, seniors, small business owners, veterans, blue collars machinists, and professionals.  

We are all in this together. Every person deserves to be heard and respected.  

I draw inspiration and energy from the people I work with and learn from, and am honored to represent the 44th District of Washington in the State House.