Donaghy traffic safety bill passes the House

OLYMPIA—Did you know that 2023 saw the largest number of traffic fatalities since 1990? 

“Speeding and substance use are the leading factors in traffic deaths,” said Rep. Brandy Donaghy (D-Mill Creek).  

House Bill 2384, sponsored by Donaghy, concerns the use of traffic cameras to crack down on speeding, the second most common risk factor in fatal crashes in our state. Speed contributes to traffic fatalities in two ways; first, it increases the likelihood of a crash since a driver has less time to react and has a narrower field of vision; and second, force increases exponentially with more speed, leading to more deaths.  

 “My bill clarifies how cities and counties can opt to establish speed camera programs through local ordinances, while maintaining privacy protections and allowing city and county governments to reinvest revenues from traffic camera fines into traffic safety improvements,” said Donaghy.   

“Studies show that fixed camera sites can reduce injury by up to 25 percent and fatalities by up to 32 percent. People aware of where speed cameras are also less likely to drive recklessly. We all want our loved ones to make it home safely at the end of the day and this piece of legislation is one step towards making that a reality for everyone right here at home,” added Donaghy.  

HB 2384 passed off the House floor today with a vote of 58-39 and now heads to the Senate for further consideration.