Statement on violence against Asian Americans 

We don’t yet know all the facts about the latest casewhat we do know is that xenophobic violence against Asians and Asian Americans is not new. As we see cases on the rise during the pandemic, we must take action to keep everyone safe in our communities—permanently.  

Harassment and violence against Asians and Asian Americans has to stop. According to an NBC news story from 6 days ago there has been a 169 percent surge in anti-Asian hate crimes in the first quarter of 2021. 

It’s happening here in King County and across this country—especially against Asian women and seniors. My mother is both of those things and I am concerned for her safety. 

I applaud the creation of a hate crimes unit here in King County. That’s a good start. 

Asian and Asian American families living in every corner of our state deserve to feel safe. They deserve to walk down the street without fearing hateful violence. 

This isn’t about police reports and statistics. It’s not about whether these hate crimes should be punished as misdemeanors or felonies. It’s about people with names and faces and families.  

People like my mother. 

Ending systemic racism is how we end anti-Asian violence. With my colleagues in the Legislature, I’m committed to policy actions that address individual acts of hate as well as long-term proposals that uphold compassionate, culturally sensitive public safety.  

Anti-Asian hate is killing us. It’s threatening parents and siblings, children and neighbors. And it has no home in our Washington.