Listening to each other and working together

Dear neighbors, 

How can we work together to make this a better place to work, live, and raise a family? 

I’m happy to say in the House and Senate, we listened to each other and worked together on tough issues. That brought results: most bills received strong bipartisan support. Of the 474 bills that passed the House, 379 had bipartisan support of 80 percent or more, with 286 bills getting unanimous support. 

The work that we did will make a real difference: 

  • Bipartisan housing reforms will make it faster and easier to build more houses where we need them most.  
  • The new state operating budget puts significant funding toward solving the behavioral health crisis so we can truly tackle addiction and mental illness.  
  • Our new transportation budget funds desperately needed local projects while the construction budget builds schools, colleges, parks, and affordable housing across the state. 
  • We also made real progress on protecting the environment and your reproductive rights. 
  • Finally, we passed legislation to address drug possession, with a strong bipartisan law along with significant new funding to break the cycle of addiction. 

If you have questions about specific projects or legislation, please contact my office and we’ll get answers.  

A landmark new law 


HB 1181 was signed into law! This bill is about planning. It’s about our planet. But most of all, it’s about our kids. Suburban sprawl has done nothing but give us longer, more expensive commutes; more pollution; and neighborhoods in areas most at risk of flooding and wildfires. HB 1181 puts us on a path to lower costs, less pollution, and a better future for all our children.

Thank you to all of you who have shown your support every step of the way! 

Keeping you informed 

A lot happened this session, and I’ll go into more depth on critical issues in upcoming e-newsletters and a print mailer with my good seatmates. 

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your representative, and I hope to hear from you soon!