A new year, a new session—and new possibilities

Dear neighbors, 

How can we work together to make Washington a better place for all our families? 

To me, that’s the real point of the 2024 legislative session.  

The writers of our state constitution established a House and Senate made of citizen-lawmakers, not full-time politicians. We meet in the winter because people couldn’t leave their land during harvest season. 

Every step of the process is designed to allow for comment and ideas from the public. You can watch the process in person or on TVW. 

I believe citizen-lawmakers and easy participation from the public are the two key ingredients to making our democracy work not for the few, but for everybody. 

It requires listening respectfully to lawmakers from both parties, and every corner of the state, as we find solutions to common problems like housing, health care, and the environment. 

I hope you take a little time to share your ideas and comments with me and your other lawmakers.  

I hope you can watch committee action on bills you care about, or floor debate on big issues like the state budget. 

And I hope you have the chance to participate in the legislative process and your democracy.