Two quick updates for students!

Dear neighbors, 

I’m happy to report that we finished our work on time—in 60 days—with a balanced state budget, a record-breaking construction budget, and a transportation budget that keeps Washington moving. 

Soon, I’ll send updates about major funding, new laws, and details about capital budget and transportation projects here in the 1st District. 

Today, I wanted to make sure people saw two bits of news aimed at students. 

WAVE scholarship – deadline extended to March 19!

The Washington Award for Vocational Excellence (WAVE) scholarship is up to $7,700 over two years.

It’s for career and technical programs for high-demand fields here in Washington state, and I hope every student and worker interested takes the time to apply for this scholarship.

If you know of anyone interested, they can learn more and apply via this link: 

Legislative Youth Advisory Council 

This is a nonpartisan youth advisory body to the legislature. It’s composed of 24 students aged 14-18 from across the state. These advisory members advise lawmakers and ensure that the interests and opinions of youth are heard and considered. The council actively works as a liaison with youth organizations in our communities and educates the public on civic engagement.  

You can apply to join the advisory council here: 

Keep in touch

I’m thrilled to be back home in the 1st District among my friends and neighbors.

If you have a question, idea, or comment, please get in touch!