House passes historic Move Ahead Washington transportation package

Olympia – On Tuesday, the Washington State House of Representatives passed Move Ahead WA, a transportation package that invests in a sustainable, inclusive future for Washington’s transportation sector.

The 16-year, $16 billion package comes after years of community engagement. House Democrats hosted over 90 listening sessions across the state to hear what Washington residents needed from the next two decades of transportation development. Legislators used this input to develop key priorities in Move Ahead WA, including:

  • Preserving and maintaining existing infrastructure.
  • Finishing critical projects already under construction.
  • Expanding reliable, accessible, and affordable transportation options.
  • Building the I-5 bridge over the Columbia River.
  • Replacing aging ferry vessels.

“People sit in traffic on deteriorating roads, paying more in wear and tear on their cars because they don’t have any other options,” commented Rep. Jake Fey, D-Tacoma, who chairs the House Transportation Committee. “Meanwhile, future generations are counting on us to reduce our emissions and create an equitable future. Move Ahead WA actively invests in Washington communities and promises a brighter, cleaner future—without neglecting the needs before us today.”

“This historic package represents a fundamental change in how we plan transportation in Washington,” continued Fey. “People across the state told us their community’s needs, and what we heard from them formed the backbone of this legislation.”

Critically, the House scrapped the 6-cent fuel export tax included in the original proposal.

“We heard from our Pacific Northwest neighbors and from the people of Washington that this part of the package wasn’t going to work,” commented Fey. “It came through loud and clear that the best path to move ahead together included a reasonable, workable alternative that takes the pressure off workers and other states. I’m grateful for all the feedback we received that has shaped this decision and helped strengthen Move Ahead WA.”

The full list of revenue sources and investments can be found at the Legislative Evaluation & Accountability Program (LEAP) website, which also includes information on projects in the supplemental transportation budget.