Legislative Update: COVID-19 Information & Resources

Dear neighbors,

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating stressful, overwhelming, and worrying situations for Washington families. Our thoughts are with all of you as you do your best to keep your loved ones well. During this confusing public health emergency, it might be hard to determine where to turn for help or information. We hope that this note helps direct you to the right resources to navigate this unprecedented crisis.

After declaring a state of emergency, Gov. Jay Inslee has implemented a series of emergency actions to slow the spread of the virus. These include a statewide shutdown of restaurants, bars, and gyms and a prohibition of gatherings with over 50 people. The temporary ban follows last week’s statewide school closures.

Such measures, which may seem drastic, are critical social distancing practices to prevent person-to-person transfer of COVID-19. Even if you do not show signs of infection, you can still be a carrier and should follow proper precautions.

The sudden closure of schools and businesses is seriously impacting many Washington families, who may be facing financial hardship after being laid off or struggling to find daycare for their children home from school.

How to stay healthy and slow the spread:

For parents and students:

For workers and people seeking employment:

For employers and business owners:

For a directory of all these resources and more, continue checking the websites below for updated information:

Let’s all do our part to keep our families healthy and safe.

Cody and Fitzgibbon Sig