Mena’s Bill Embraces Global Future For WA

OLYMPIA – Stuck in the 90s, Washington’s international relations framework hasn’t been updated in thirty-two years. Rep. Sharlett Mena’s (D-Tacoma) House Bill 2000 aims to modernize it, ensuring continued global engagement and economic growth for Washington.

“The world has dramatically changed since 1991,” said Rep. Mena. “We need to bring Washington into the 21st century by strengthening ties with key partners.”

This four-pronged approach charts a strategic course with a regularly updated plan by the Office of International Relations and Protocol (OIRP). Diverse voices will be heard through new advisory committees, while collaboration on shared challenges like climate change is fostered through an interparliamentary exchange with British Columbia. Finally, streamlined trade partnerships are prioritized and will ensure a coordinated effort in identifying and cultivating economic partnerships.

With support from businesses, local governments, and experts, House Bill 2000 is a key step toward a competitive and engaged Washington on the global stage. The bill now advances to the Senate.