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Washington state House overwhelmingly passes ban on hog-tying by police

The Washington state House has overwhelmingly approved legislation that would ban police from hog-tying suspects, a restraint technique that has long drawn concern because of the risk of suffocation. The... READ MORE

Washington state House passes ban on hog-tying by police

The Washington state House overwhelmingly approved legislation Wednesday that would ban police from hog-tying suspects, a restraint technique that has long drawn concern because of the risk of suffocation. The vote... READ MORE

Could WA lawmakers end developments like this one: a massive warehouse project in South Tacoma?

FernanBridge Industrial’s proposal to erect four buildings totaling about 2.5 million square feet on a Superfund cleanup site in South Tacoma is anticipated to bring about 5,000 additional vehicle trips, including... READ MORE

WA House votes to allow local even-year elections

In an effort to boost low turnout in local elections, the Washington House passed a bill Thursday that would allow cities and special districts to have elections in even years.... READ MORE

Laws are trying to move beyond an environmental justice checklist

A community-led study funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that life expectancies are eight years shorter in South Park than the Seattle average. The same study also found that... READ MORE

After death of Manuel Ellis, state lawmakers consider ending hog-tying by law enforcement

Washington lawmakers are considering a proposal to prohibit law enforcement officers from using hog-tying methods to restrain individuals. Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards also testified in favor of the legislation Monday.... READ MORE

WA lawmakers seek to make fashion friendlier to the environment

That new pair of jeans you’ve been eyeing won’t only cost your wallet but the planet too. Luckily, there is a pair of bills that would promote transparency and hold... READ MORE

Washington bill aims to reduce ‘fast fashion’ carbon emissions, pollution

Fast fashion adds thousands of new styles daily into the market. While that might be a shopaholic’s dream, it’s a nightmare for some environmental advocates. That’s why Washington State Rep.... READ MORE

Male pronouns within Washington state constitution could be changed to gender-neutral terms

Sixty-seven women legislators – just one shy of last year’s record-breaking number – walk the marbled halls of the Washington State Capitol for this year’s session alongside male colleagues. And... READ MORE

From a state clam to car tab discounts, lawmakers’ agenda takes shape

Washington’s short legislative session began last Monday, and it’s looking to be a busy couple of months. One piece of legislation which I introduced, House Bill 2070 would require agencies... READ MORE

Washington lawmakers propose to ban companies like Amazon from spending on local elections

A new campaign finance bill will target big companies’ election spending. The proposed law aims to close loopholes around foreign influence, ensuring a fair political playing field. Rep. Sharlett Mena,... READ MORE

Banning corporate political money could grow legs

Next year, the Legislature will revisit a significant campaign finance issue that stalled in a House-Senate deadlock last session. Rep. Sharlett Mena is introducing House Bill 1885 to ban political... READ MORE

Advocates fight back against harmful chemicals in kids’ makeup and hair products

When Erika Schreder’s 14-year-old daughter, who is Black, had her curly hair braided at a Seattle-area salon two or three times recently, the hairdresser applied a styling gel to seal... READ MORE

A first-term lawmaker’s big year

Voters sent plenty of new people to Olympia last fall, but few of them got as much done as Rep. Sharlett Mena. A Mexican-American and the daughter of two working-class... READ MORE

Washington’s freshman class of lawmakers — the largest in a long time — makes itself heard

Washington’s legislators will be back in the capitol on May 16 to hash out the state’s law on possession of drugs. One important player: The freshman class in the House.... READ MORE