Statement from Rep. Melanie Morgan, D-Parkland, on today’s vote to establish a safe and respectful workplace within the Legislature:

“This is a monumental day for this institution. We now have a code of conduct setting clear expectations and commitments for all who work within these walls. This is about treating others with respect, dignity, and civility regardless of one’s status or position.

“On the behalf of courageous victims who have already come forward, and my constituents from the 29th Legislative District, I thank my colleagues for acting swiftly and assertively this session by making passage of this code of conduct the first order of business.

“Truthfully, I’m saddened it took high-profile and very public events to finally spur the legislature to take this action, but together with my colleagues I am committed to changing the culture that for too long failed too many victims. I am hopeful this code of conduct will be a living, breathing document, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

“As a domestic violence and sexual assault advocate, I will always stand up for victims’ rights. Today’s action sends a strong message that says everyone deserves a safe and respectful workplace.”