Election Year Freeze on Communications and Legislative Update Mailer

Election Year Freeze on Communications

During an election year, there are certain restrictions on my communications to prevent the use of state resources for election purposes. These restrictions include a freeze on mass email updates such as this one, as well as to my legislative website and Facebook page – meaning no new content can be added beginning May 16, 2022 until after the general election in November.

Despite the “freeze” I am still able to respond to constituent communications and will continue my work as your state representative. I will be working on issues that are important to you and your family. If you have questions or comments about legislative issues or need help connecting to resources, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. You can reach my office at 360-786-7906 or send me an email.

Legislative Update Mailer

You may have received a mailing from my office updating you on the work we did this past year. If not, you can click the image below to read the full newsletter. Inside you’ll find a review of the past session, work I did on your behalf, and what I will be working on this summer and next session.