Governor signs Paul bill on dual credit for high school students

Photo courtesy of the House of Representatives / LSS.


OLYMPIA—Some high school students and their parents may not know they can receive college credit while completing their high school graduation requirements. That should change after the governor signed a law by Rep. Dave Paul (D-Oak Harbor). 

“Earning college credit while in high school is one of the smartest and most cost-effective ways to jump-start your higher education,” Paul said. “But many students and their families don’t know about these options. This law requires schools to notify students and their parents about all available dual-credit programs along with any available financial assistance.” 

Those programs include College in the High School, Running Start, Career and Technical Education (CTE) Dual Credit, and Advanced Placement (AP). 

House Bill 1146 passed the House 97-0 and the Senate 46-0. The law takes effect 90 days after the last day of this year’s legislative session, which was March 7.