Legislative Update: Housing and participating in the legislative process

Friends and neighbors,

The 2023 legislative session started on January 9th.  Some of you may be interested in participating in the legislative process. There are several ways to stay informed and involved during the 2023 legislative session.

  • Learn — Curious about how the legislative process works? You can watch a start-to-finish overview by clicking here. If you prefer text instead, click here.
  • WatchTVW.org broadcasts all debates, votes, hearings and other legislative events in the House and Senate. You can also access an extensive archive of past events if you can’t watch it live. Check out TVW’s “Legislative Review” for a quick recap of the day’s events.
  • Research — Find detailed information about legislation by lawmaker or topic by clicking here.
  • Testify — Share your thoughts on legislation! This session, you can testify in person, remotely or in writing. You get to pick the easiest path for you. Click here for more information.

How to contact me!

I also recorded a quick video about how best to contact me as the session progresses.

Turning the tide on our housing crisis

The housing affordability and security crisis is affecting every city and county in Washington. Residents in eastern and western Washington alike face a housing shortage, skyrocketing rents, and unstable living conditions. There isn’t one magic solution to these problems. It is critical that we tackle this issue in three ways:


Washington’s housing supply is short over 170,000 units. We need more homes of all types, so everyone has an affordable place to live. Without more units, we will never fix the housing crisis.


Escalating rental rates and other factors put tenant housing at risk. We need to keep people housed so they don’t become homeless, displaced, or forced out of their communities. It is more efficient and less costly to keep people housed than it is to try to help them get out of homelessness.


Even if we address housing supply and stability, some people will still be unable to afford rent. We need to increase our investment in deeply affordable housing so that every single Washingtonian has a roof over their head. Everyone deserves the dignity of a safe place to call home.

As chair of the Housing committee in the Washington House of Representatives, I can tell you we are working to address all these issues. Stay tuned for more information about bills with specific policy solutions. You can also take a look at bills in committee by going to leg.wa.gov/bi/billsinandoutofcommittee and selecting the Housing committee.

Thank you for your time. As always, please reach out with any questions, ideas, or concerns you might have.




Rep. Strom Peterson