Pollet statement on Washington’s first recorded case of an illness related to vapor products

OLYMPIA – Rep. Gerry Pollet, D-Seattle, released the following statement in reaction to the announcement of Washington’s first recorded case of an illness related to vapor products.

“I am saddened to see that the rash of vapor product and e-cigarette illnesses has impacted one of our neighbors here in Washington. I wish this individual a speedy recovery.  We passed first-in-the-nation legislation to allow our Department of Health to bar toxic substances and ingredients that may cause illness in the hopes that we would never have such news.

“We know that these are dangerous products and that the companies who make these products have impermissibly been marketing them as safe. Vapor products aren’t safe. Neither are e-cigarettes or any form of tobacco. I have introduced and passed legislation in previous years to tackle this epidemic that disproportionately affects our children and young adults. I am going to keep fighting to protect our neighbors, children, and students from these highly toxic products. I look forward to working with our state Department of Health, Governor Inslee and local public health officials to remove products with toxic substances from sale and to pass legislation ending the sale of flavored vape and e-cigarette products aimed at addicting youth.”