Town Hall Update, Election Year Restrictions, and Protecting Consumers.

Friends and neighbors, Since you last heard from me, we’ve had a slight change in the location of our in-person town hall on Wednesday at North Seattle College to the... READ MORE

Thank you for supporting our students!  

Friends and neighbors,  During the legislative session, I was privileged to hear from many of my constituents about a host of issues. In particular, you reached out to my office... READ MORE

Pollet Cookware, Lead Reduction Bill, Signed into Law, Prioritizing Public Safety

OLYMPIA – Lead contamination poses a significant threat to public health, particularly affecting vulnerable populations such as children and immigrant communities. Recognizing this urgent concern, Governor Inslee signed House Bill... READ MORE

School Funding and Access to Naloxone 

Friends and neighbors,  Some of the most critical issues facing the legislature this session included funding for schools – especially special education – and responding to the fentanyl and opioid... READ MORE

Legislative Update: The end of session, concerns about initiatives and getting lead out of cookware.

Friends and neighbors,  The 2024 legislative session is drawing to a close tomorrow. We have taken action on numerous important issues, including housing, the fentanyl and opioid crisis, climate change,... READ MORE

Pollet bill reducing lead in cookware heading to the governor’s desk.

OLYMPIA – Lead causes serious social-emotional, developmental and cognitive harm in children. It also damages the emotional, cognitive and medical health of adults. House Bill 1551, sponsored by Rep. Gerry... READ MORE

Legislative Update: An Update on Education Bills & More

Dear friends and neighbors, We’ve now just finished week six of this year’s legislative session. For the past week, my fellow legislators and I have been debating various bills on... READ MORE

Pollet bill to reduce lead in cookware heads to the Senate 

OLYMPIA – Lead has been shown to harm the cognitive, social-emotional and physical development of children. It can also harm the emotional, cognitive and medical health of adults. There are... READ MORE

House passes Pollet bill to protect Washington students in online college programs.

OLYMPIA – The Washington House of Representatives passed legislation that will ensure online, out-of-state institutions must meet the same transparency requirements as Washington higher education institutions.  Current law allows for... READ MORE

In The News: Pair of proposed bills would offer free community college to eligible Washington students

“Washington ranks among the lowest states in the country in terms of the number of residents who apply for federal student aid to fund a postsecondary education. And community colleges... READ MORE

Funding special education, tuition free community college, and a drop in town hall. 

Friends and neighbors,   The 2024 legislative session started on January 8th and I am back working on issues like removing the cap on special education funding and creating a “Washington... READ MORE

Legislative Update: Stay Involved in 2024, Important Resources, & Town Hall TONIGHT!

Dear friends and neighbors, The 2024 legislative session is just mere days away. Last month, I convened with my colleagues in Olympia for Committee Assembly Days, a crucial pre-session time... READ MORE

Comment on a lid over I-5 in U District plus Neighborhood Safety

Friends and neighbors, Last month, I met with Mayor Bruce Harrell’s public safety team and local business owners who have been victims of crime. It was important to listen to... READ MORE

Recognizing Tribal Sovereignty & Our Partners in Governance

Friends and neighbors, With October nearly over, we are only 10 short weeks away from the 2024 legislative session! November is American Indian Heritage Month. In this email, I would... READ MORE

Helping our neighbors with substance use disorder

Friends and neighbors, We all want communities that are safe, vibrant, and supportive as we raise kids, pursue careers, or grow old. Unfortunately, people and communities across the state, and... READ MORE

Addressing Climate Change and Planning for the 2024 Legislative Session

Friends and neighbors,  With August upon us, I wanted to continue to give you updates on legislative successes this year, give you a preview of legislation I am working on... READ MORE

2023 Session Recap: Supporting students, advocating for open government, and curbing gun violence

Friends and neighbors,  Going into the 2023 legislative session, I worked with communities and experts to craft important legislation to meet the needs of residents in our district and across... READ MORE

Governor Signs Bill Requiring Transparency in Special Interest “AstroTurf” Lobbying Funding

OLYMPIA – Government works best when it is open, accessible, and transparent. Rep. Gerry Pollet, D-North Seattle and a board member of the Coalition for Open Government, continues to lead... READ MORE

Stopping “Pass the Harasser” and Protecting Trans Youth 

Friends and neighbors,  The 2023 legislative session ended on April 23. I’ll recap the session in a future update, but I wanted to share some important legislation we are working on... READ MORE

Pollet Boosts Special Education Funding

OLYMPIA – Students with disabilities and exceptional needs continue to lack equitable access to special education programs and funding in Washington state. Seeing an “unconscionable” failure to meet the state’s... READ MORE

Governor Signs Pollet Bill Expanding Protections Against Sexual Misconduct by Faculty and University Administrators

OLYMPIA— Governor Inslee has signed into law House Bill 1522 providing increased accountability for sexual misconduct at institutions of higher education. Representative Gerry Pollet, D- North Seattle, championed the legislation... READ MORE

House Passes Pollet Bill Expanding Protections Against Sexual Misconduct by Faculty and University Administrators  

OLYMPIA—Representative Gerry Pollet, D- North Seattle, has brought forward House Bill 1522 to provide increased accountability for sexual misconduct in institutions of higher education. The House has passed HB 1522... READ MORE

House Passes Pollet Bill Increasing Special Education Funding and Ending a Cap on How Many Children with Disabilities the State Supports

OLYMPIA— Washington’s school districts are spending over $500 million a year in local levy funds to provide Special Education programs because of inadequate state funding and a cap on how... READ MORE

Legislative Update, Important Funding for Our Community, & An Upcoming Town Hall

Dear Friends and Neighbors, With the beginning of March, the legislature is now convening on the House floor to vote on bills until March 8th, before resuming committee hearings on... READ MORE

MEDIA ADVISORY: 46th District Virtual Town Hall on March 16 at 6:30 p.m. 

Who: 46th Legislative District delegation – Sen. Javier Valdez, Reps. Gerry Pollet and Darya Farivar.  What: Virtual Town Hall Meeting.  When: 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. Thursday, March 16, 2023.  How:... READ MORE