48th District Legislative Report – 2022 Legislative Session

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Dear neighbors,

The 2022 legislative session has officially ended, and we are proud to report some tremendous strides for Washingtonians across the state and in our district. This also marks the fifth year in a row we’ve adjourned on time, a streak that hasn’t happened since 1899. When we don’t rely on special sessions to get work done, we’re providing a steadier, more financially responsible style of governance. It’s not a coincidence that this year also marks the 5th year of the Democrats holding the majority in both the House and the Senate.

This respect for the people of our state carries through in all our work – we are here to serve you and to constantly build towards a better future for all of Washington. We worked hard this session to honor the trust you’ve placed in us, advocating for the issues we’ve heard about from you in meetings, phone
calls, emails, community events, and more.

We know that there’s still a lot of uncertainty right now, too. As we continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic we’re relying on the science-based decisions that have helped save so many lives in our state. It can be hard to know what you should be doing to keep yourself and your family safe, so please continue to use the Washington State Department of Health and Seattle & King County Public health resources and information to make the best choices for you.

Responding to this pandemic has pushed us all to work together, to consider how our choices will impact others, and to recognize how connected we are as a community. That’s impacted the work we did this session, too. We’ve invested in Washington families by reducing healthcare costs, providing assistance with utility payments, expanding access to nurses and counselors in K-12 schools, and much more. We’ve also allocated money towards our small businesses, towards the hospitality industry, and towards growing our future workforce. These investments will make a big difference in the everyday lives of many people in our community, and they’re also a down payment on the future of our state.

We did more work this session than can fit in a newsletter, but we’ve each highlighted some of the work we’re most proud of in the following pages. While we’re proud of the work we were able to accomplish, there’s always more to do. The trust you’ve placed in us is an honor, and we’ll keep working hard on your behalf.

Rep. Vandana Slatter

Rep. Amy Walen

Sen. Patty Kuderer

To read the full report click here