Taylor bill to increase access to ride shares passes House

OLYMPIA – Today, the state House passed a bill from Rep. Jamila Taylor (D-Federal Way) to lower requirements for the state ride share program so more people can access the service. The ride share program, also known as carpool or vanpool, helps people commute together to cut down on congestion, save money and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The bill, HB 1514, passed in a 92-5 vote with bipartisan support.

“In the pandemic, vanpools folded while people still traveling to work needed a safe ride share option,” Taylor said. “Modifying the requirements of the program will help more people find a safe and affordable way to the office, medical appointments, the grocery store, or the library.”

The legislation reduces the minimum requirement for ride sharing from five people to three people, including the driver. It also broadens the eligibility for tax exemptions and tax credits associated with ride sharing.

The legislation is now headed to the Senate for further consideration.