BMC statement on historic Lovick and Donaghy appointments

OLYMPIA, WASH. – The chair of the Black Members Caucus, Rep. Jamila Taylor (D-Federal Way), released the following statement after former Rep. John Lovick was appointed to the state Senate and Rep. Brandy Donaghy was appointed to replace him in the state House.

“A founding legislator of the Black Members Caucus who has served in the House for more than a decade, Sen. John Lovick has had a profound impact on Washington state.

“As a longtime speaker pro tem and the first Black speaker of the House, Sen. Lovick has helped break barriers and inspire a generation of leaders. His steadfast leadership and demonstrated commitment to building a better future for Washingtonians has been a guiding light for lawmakers who have had the honor of serving alongside him.

“Sen. Lovick will be deeply missed in the House. I look forward to working with him in the Senate, as he undoubtedly continues to make a difference in our state.

“I also want to welcome Rep. Brandy Donaghy to the Legislature. Her historic appointment to the House marks the first time in history that the 44th Legislative District has been represented by a delegation of three Black lawmakers. It’s an honor to chair a growing Black Members Caucus as we head into the upcoming 2022 Legislative Session.”