Supporting families and healthy communities, and a legislative milestone guide for the 2024 session

Dear friends and neighbors, 

The fourth week of session is nearly over, and we’ve been busy! On Wednesday we passed more bills off the House floor, bringing our session total to 46. Great bills have been brought forward by both Democrats and Republicans to address priorities like affordable housing and education.

Families receiving child support and state benefits such as TANF need every dollar to meet their basic needs. The state should not take back $50 to $100 per month from the lowincome families for reimbursement. House Democrats and Republicans agree. We should pass through 100% of the child support to the familiesI sponsored HB 1652 to make sure child support payments get to the parents who need those funds to take care of their kids.  You can learn more about HB 1652 by reading this article on Crosscut.  

Clean energy for healthy communities 

Planning for the health and safety of the Washington of tomorrow is important, which is why the Climate Commitment Act that passed in 2021 is so vital to our state and those who live here.  

We know that breathing polluted air has an adverse effect on short- and long-term health and we also know that low-income and communities of color are at even higher risk. We’re facing an important decision: we invest in our future health now through CCA dollars or pay later with increased health issues and shortened lifespans. 

One of those investments is a request from the city of Federal Way to install electric vehicle chargers at our local community center. I’ll be advocating to include funds for this project in the budget this session. 

Let’s invest now in you and me and a healthier future 

Here’s some ways you can use CCA and federal dollars to combat climate change and save money at the same time: 

A guide to legislative milestones 

The legislative process can be confusing, especially during session. I’ve been doing this since 2021 and still learn new things all the time. This legislative milestones guide might come in handy if you’re following along during session.  

You can always watch committee hearings, floor action, and other legislative content anytime at 

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