Join me for a virtual town hall this Saturday, and In the Wings with Rep. Gregerson!

Dear friends and neighbors, 

Ask your questions at the 30th LD virtual town hall this Saturday, Feb 17 

This Saturday Sen. Wilson and I will be hosting a virtual town hall this weekend and hope you’ll join us! We’ll provide a quick legislative update as we head into the final weeks of session, but mainly we’ll focus on answering your questions. In fact you can submit your question ahead of time to make sure it gets to the top of the list.  

The town hall starts at 12 p.m. this Saturday and you can access it through my Facebook page or YouTube. I hope you’ll join us for a great conversation! 

As state lawmakers, Sen. Wilson and I work on policies that help people right here in Washington, like affordable housing and funding our schools. We understand there’s a lot going on in national politics right now and hope you’ll take the time to direct those questions to your congressional lawmakers. We would like to hear from you about how we can make the 30th District an even better place to live. 

Join Mia in the wings 

I’m really excited about a lot of the work we’ve done this session, including passing Rep. Mia Gregerson’s (D-SeaTac) co-living housing bill to allow co-living developments in urban growth areas. This type of housing was frequently found in cities up until the end of the 20th century when zoning laws and regulations changed to favor single-family homes. Bringing it back would fill a much-needed gap of low-cost single living spaces.  

The House is cutoff! 

Today was the last day for the House of Representatives to pass bills from the chamber of origin. The official deadline is 5 p.m. meaning no new bills can be introduced after the cutoff time. I’m so proud that the last bill we passed today was Rep. Emily Alvarado’s HB 2114 that will offer some relief to renters facing instability through massive rent hikes across the state.  

Three bills that I introduced this session also passed the House, including HB 1652 that puts child support payment money back into the hands of parents who need it to care for their children instead of allowing the state to keep a portion of it. 

I hope you’ll take the time to reach out if you have any questions. Please follow my Facebook page for more up-to-date information as we continue our countdown to the final day of session on March 7.