Rep. My-Linh Thai condemns anti-Asian violence

“I am grieving with my Asian American communityFrom the brutal act of hate in Atlanta to the increasing attacks in King County, this rise in anti-Asian violence is a continuation of the xenophobia Asian Americans have experienced throughout our history. In the last year, Washington ranked third highest in the nation for reported hate crimes targeting Asian Americans. 

“To stop Asian hate, we must write laws that dismantle white supremacy. We must reimagine public safety to support the movement for Black lives. And we must end violence against all communities of color by protecting the right to housingsupporting low-income families, and shutting down the Northwest Detention Center 

“The work to end Asian hate must also acknowledge violence through the objectification of Asian women, the distinct vulnerability of low-income immigrant women, and the unjust deportation of refugees.  

“At the Legislature, we are committed to breaking down systemic racism in Washington to build a stronger democracyI stand with my Asian American siblings to make our pain visible and call for community-centered healingJustice knows no limits when we rise in solidarity—with strength, with hope, and with joy—to uplift our dignity and humanity.”


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