Week 10: Building Community Resiliency Through Housing

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

March 8th marked the House of Origin Cutoff in Olympia, which means we’ve crossed the deadline for most bills to pass either the House or the Senate. The House has passed over 300 bills off the House floor, with nearly two-thirds receiving unanimous support and over seventy six percent receiving strong bipartisan support.

In this issue, I’ll discuss how we build resilience and foster a sense of community through housing. The housing affordability and security crisis is affecting our community through the closures of businesses and proposed school consolidation. The issues our community faces at this time can be directly traced to the intersection of multiple issues – one of which is housing affordability and effective resiliency prevention strategies for families. For more info on the issue of resiliency, click here or on the image below.

Turning the tide on our housing crisis

A lack of affordable housing for current and future families, skyrocketing rents, and unstable living conditions requires multiple solutions. It is critical that we tackle this issue in three ways:


Washington’s housing supply is short over 170,000 units. We need more homes of all types, so everyone has an affordable place to live. Without more units, we will never fix the housing crisis.


Escalating rental rates and other factors put tenant housing at risk. We need to keep people housed so they don’t become homeless, displaced, or forced out of their communities. It is more efficient and less costly to keep people housed than it is to try to help them get out of homelessness.

One of my bills, HB 1074, would protect tenants from unreasonable damage claims. To hear more about the work being done to stabilize housing and this bill, click here or on the image below.


Even if we address housing supply and stability, some people will still be unable to afford rent. We need to increase our investment in deeply affordable housing so that every single Washingtonian has a roof over their head. Everyone deserves the dignity of a safe place to call home.

As we progress through session, I’d like to reiterate this year’s package of housing legislation is about building community. We can’t avoid issues like school consolidation if we don’t prioritize policies that keep families in their homes or make it possible to have one in the first place.

These important housing bills are now being considered in the Senate. We need your help to make sure they keep moving. Sign up to testify here.

Share Your Thoughts with Me

If you come down to Olympia, please schedule a time for us to meet so you can share your concerns with me. I am also happy to meet remotely if you are not quite comfortable in a public setting or simply don’t have time to make it to Olympia. My priority is hearing from you however you are most comfortable, whether remotely or in person.

If you have comments, questions, or ideas, please contact my office. I hope to hear from you soon!

In service,

State Representative My-Linh Thai

41st Legislative District