I am honored to represent the residents of the 48th Legislative District in Olympia. I look forward to serving our community and representing our shared values in the legislature this session. I am pleased to announce that I will serve as vice chair of the Finance Committee. I will also serve as a member of the Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee and Consumer Protection & Business Committee.

2019 Legislative Priorities

In addition to working on my own bills and prioritizing progressive policies, I will work with my colleagues to advance House Democratic Caucus priorities, a few of which include:

  • Supporting Washington’s clean energy economy through elimination of coal-fired electricity and the transition of the state’s electricity supply to one hundred percent carbon neutral by 2030. I am passionate about funding projects that protect our natural environment and preserve Puget Sound including:
    • Investing in clean air and water, as well as healthy forests
    • Restoring our orca and salmon population
    • Strengthening community resiliency through emergency preparedness for climate catastrophes and natural disasters including mega fires and mudslides
  • Reducing preventable gun violence by restricting access to high-capacity magazines, keeping confiscated guns from crimes off the street, and require reporting of lost and stolen firearms. Our children need to go to school to learn in a safe place which is why I am supporting legislation to improve school safety.
  • Improving availability of affordable housing by increasing density, especially along transit corridors
    • Many churches have excess property that can be used to create housing for families. I am sponsoring legislation that will allow faith communities to house people on their property.
    • Currently the real estate excise tax (REET) can only be used for infrastructure projects such as, sidewalks, streets, and parks. I am supporting legislation that will enable REET to be used for affordable housing.
  • Restructuring our regressive tax system: I am currently reviewing proposals for a capital gains tax. I would like to tax the people and corporations who are not paying their fair share under our regressive system while protecting small businesses.
  • Supporting working families, seniors, and small businesses, through debt collection reform and improving property tax fairness especially for families and seniors on a fixed income.

Your opinion matters to me and I want to know what is important to you. My door is always open and I look forward to hearing from you. If you have questions, concerns, or ideas please contact my office: