Amy was born in Oregon and studied and practiced law in Australia before moving to Kirkland, Washington in 2005 with her husband Jim. Together they own and operate Ford-Hyundai of Kirkland and employ over 120 people. As Chief Financial Officer at Ford-Hyundai of Kirkland she analyzes complex financial data including corporate tax planning and preparation, business valuation, auditing and internal control procedures, payroll, project management, business plans and projections, and conducts management systems consulting. She has been the Chief Financial Officer for companies with revenue exceeding $150 million per year for nearly 20 years, with a consistent record of successfully leading complex organizations through change.

Amy was elected to the Kirkland City Council in 2009, and was selected by her colleagues on the Council to serve as Mayor in 2014. As Mayor of Kirkland she raised Kirkland’s profile in local, regional, and state-wide initiatives such as transportation infrastructure and strategic economic development, including revitalizing the Totem Lake Business District. She championed mandatory inclusion of affordable housing in residential developments and enacted source of income discrimination ordinance for Section 8 housing. Her additional accomplishments at the City of Kirkland include gun safety reforms, environmental protections, developing the Cross Kirkland Corridor, and proclaiming Kirkland’s commitment to be a welcoming, safe, and inclusive community. She served as Mayor of Kirkland until January 2019 when she made the difficult decision to resign so she can fully commit herself to her newly elected role as State Representative for the 48th Legislative District.

As a cancer survivor and someone who received help during difficult times in her life, Amy is committed to giving back. Her leadership has been recognized by several local and regional associations. Amy served as the President of the Sound Cities Association (SCA) in 2018. She received the Advocacy All-Star Award from the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) in 2015 and was awarded Elected Official of the Year from the Alliance of Eastside Agencies in 2013.

Amy is the proud step mother of Josh, Ryan, and Rachel, and proud legal guardian of her nephew Josh.