House passes Wylie bill on Transportation Projects of Statewide Significance

OLYMPIA-House Bill 1994, sponsored by Rep. Sharon Wylie, D-Vancouver, passed the Washington State House of Representatives yesterday on a 69-28 vote.

This bill creates processes for designating certain transportation projects as those of statewide significance, and requires the Washington State Department of Transportation to take certain actions for each transportation project of statewide significance.

The measure will expedite permitting of an I-5 bridge replacement, such as the one across the Columbia River, and allow a preexisting process to be used when necessary, which would save time and money.

“This bill will allow some of the 15 years and $400 million worth of work to possibly be applied to a new project,” said Wylie on the House Floor. “We finally have regional momentum to replace this 1917 bridge, that has old tree trunks resting on mud in an earthquake subduction zone, with a new bridge.”

A Floor amendment by Rep. Wylie limits transportation projects of statewide significance to those that contain a bridge connecting two states.

To watch Rep. Wylie’s floor remarks on final passage, please click here. Or to watch the entire floor debate on this bill, click here.