Legislative Update: We’ve Reached Our First Cutoff Deadline


Dear friends and neighbors,
We have now passed the first of many cutoff deadlines.  Here is an update on some of the issues I’m working on.

Cleaning Up Lake Vancouver
Vancouver Lake provides recreation, a place for crewing and sailing, supports a regional park and is a real jewel. Through the actions of some dedicated volunteers, and the support of the legislature, we are on the path for a lake management plan that will address the yearly deadly blue green algae bloom and milfoil explosion. This year your representative and senator are pushing into the next phase for a long- term solution. Solid work to identify what will keep our lake healthy and identify what needs to be done is essential.

Our lake is central to our outdoor recreation, provides great STEM education opportunities for students, and brings in tourists dollars’. My proposed budget requests will help save our lake.

Replacing I-5 Bridge
For many years now I have been working to replace the 100-year-old, out of date and inadequate I-5 bridge. Last year it moved into the next phase and Washington State committed its share of the money needed to build a bridge that will be safer and last for the next one hundred years.  Oregon and the Federal government now must act.  There is much to be done and decided but the project is moving forward. This is the link to learn more about this project here. 

I-5 is a major thoroughfare that our community depends on. As it stands now, the bridge does not meet current needs for the traffic it carries. It would also not survive a major natural disaster like an earthquake. It makes fiscal sense, as maintaining the aging structure costs taxpayers $1.2 million annually.

Creating A Stable Community
I am excited to support many ideas and initiatives to make our community safer and to address the many problems we face and that hurt some people so much.

Continuing the Working Family Tax Credit – This is what good policy looks like. It has been proven to lift families out of poverty and that’s why I am proud to be a co-sponsor of HB 1075. Modeled after the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit it acts as a refund on sales tax paid throughout the year. This was passed last year on a bipartisan vote and extending it is a priority.   Despite proven results, there are still people in government who want to dismantle it. I will not stop fighting to make sure it remains in place.

HB 1355– I am proud to sponsor a bill that helps with the property tax burden by accounting for the differences in property values and incomes while also adjusting for inflation. By increasing the calculation of income thresholds, we can help more people. It also accounts for this year’s social security COLA. Nobody wants to see anyone move out of their home, especially not seniors, those with disabilities or veterans. This bill will keep more people in their homes and provide these three groups with the housing stability they deserve.

 HB 1110– The Middle Housing Bill will increase Washington’s housing supply by requiring cities to allow more diverse housing options in residential neighborhoods depending on city size. Development will be focused near amenities and transit.  We know the positive impact a stable housing situation has on children. Our children face enough challenges these days and I am proud to work towards eliminating one of the more daunting ones too many of them are forced to deal with.

Government works best when it invests in people. And in order to optimize the investments I need to hear from the people directly. Keep up to date with all that’s going on in the capitol by following along on leg.wa.gov. The website is a great resource to track bills and participate in committees. And please don’t hesitate to reach out by phone (360-786-7924), email, and let me know about the issues coming up in our community so we can address them!

At your service,

Rep. Sharon Wylie