House passes Rep. Wylie bill providing property tax relief

House passes Rep. Wylie bill providing property tax relief 

Olympia – The Washington State House of Representatives took steps to help individuals stabilize their housing situation by passing Rep. Sharon Wylie’s HB 1355. The bill provides property tax relief to seniors, veterans, and those with disabilities.  

“No one wants to see veterans, seniors and disabled people unable to stay in their homes,” said Rep. Wylie. “This bill accounts for the differences in property values and incomes and adjusts for inflation. It helps more people and prevents seniors from losing their benefit because of this year’s social security COLA”  

The bill expands eligibility for property tax relief for these groups by increasing the calculation of income tax thresholds.  

“Good policy invests in people,” said Rep. Wylie. “And when you invest in people, you’re going to have strong communities. It’s really that simple.”  

The bill passed out of the house with a vote of 96 to 0 and now heads to the Senate for consideration.