Legislative update: Policy cutoff has arrived

Dear friends & neighbors, 

We’ve hit Policy Cutoff, the first milestone of this 60-day legislative session.  As we move to floor action and the long days it brings, I wanted to provide a quick update on what I’ve been working on in Olympia.  

Helping low-income, first-time home buyers

Everyone deserves the stability homeownership provides. Last session I focused on fixing our tax system to help vulnerable populations remain in their houses, this session I’m focused on helping first time home buyers establish themselves.  

My HB 2063/2064 provides an exemption for the Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) for first time homebuyers who receive publicly funded down-payment assistance. By removing barriers to homeownership more Washingtonians can establish this critical foundation. 

Regulated substances and gaming
As co-chair of the Regulated Substances and Gaming Committee I work hard to ensure that the industry centered on intoxicating substances is well regulated and not actively harming communities. This means keeping them out of the hands of teens and adolescents whose brains are still developing.  

My HB 1650 requires that local governments cannabis business prohibitions need voter approval. This allows for communities to have a say in a major decision impacting where they live and its economy.  

I have also reintroduced HB 1159 to create cross-jurisdictional cannabis agreements with other states that have ended prohibition.  

What it means to be a legislator  


As always it’s a pleasure to serve you in Olympia and please don’t hesitate to reach out!


In service,