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My 2019 video playlist:

Rep. Jinkins interviews legislators and advocates waiting in line for their bills to be signed into law by the governor:

Rep. Jinkins chats with her Civil Rights & Judiciary committee vice chair, Rep. My-Linh Thai:

Rep. Jinkins provides some highlights of the House budget:

Rep. Jinkins gives viewers a peek-behind-the-curtain look at the House Rules Room.

Rep. Jinkins after passage of HB 1099, her bill to increase transparency of health network adequacy for consumers:

Rep. Jinkins on consumer protection bills that passed the House:

President’s Day special: Rep. Jinkins reports from the House gallery

Q&A with Rep. Jinkins: Addressing medical debt

Q&A with Rep. Jinkins: Fixing our long-term care crisis

My TVW legislator profile: