Simmons bill to extend support services for drug court graduates post-graduation passes House

OLYMPIA – A bill to extend support services for drug court graduates passed the Washington House of Representatives Thursday Afternoon with a vote of 97-00.  Sponsored by Rep. Tarra Simmons (D-Bremerton), HB1983 focuses on revising the allowable uses of the Account and is poised to benefit individuals transitioning from drug court programs by extending support services for 180 days post-graduation.

“This piece of legislation seeks to streamline and improve the utilization of the Criminal Justice Treatment Account,” said Simmons. “Essentially, what this legislation will do is provide continued support services for drug court graduates yet is tailored to each person’s individual needs. We first started experimenting with these needed changes during the pandemic and saw success with it. if passed, this legislation is poised to make a long-term impact by reducing recidivism rates and providing essential assistance to graduates facing challenges post-program completion,” added Simmons.

With House Bill 1983 drug court participants, transitioning from incarceration to community reintegration, benefit significantly from the extended treatment and support services. By extending these critical services, the bill not only supports the well-being and success of program graduates but also contributes to building stronger foundations for their continued rehabilitation and reintegration efforts.

HB 1983 is now under consideration in the Senate. This year’s legislative session is scheduled to adjourn on March 7.