Taylor Appointed Chair of House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee

OLYMPIA – Representative Jamila Taylor (D-Federal Way) has been appointed as the new Chair of the House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee in the Washington State Legislature. This prestigious role follows the departure of former Representative Drew Hansen, who was appointed to serve in the Washington State Senate. 

“I’m deeply honored to assume the role of Chair of the House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee,” said Taylor. “It’s a tremendous responsibility, and I’m excited to continue the work of my predecessor, Sen. Drew Hansen, in advancing justice and civil rights in Washington State.” 

Taylor, a dedicated public interest attorney and longtime community advocate, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her new position. Her passion for community service and commitment to the public good have been evident throughout her career. She has focused her legal career on serving the public interest in areas that include family law, domestic violence, housing, guardianships, small business, public benefits, and civil rights. 

Elected to the Legislature in 2020, Taylor has been a force for positive change. She currently serves as the Majority Caucus Vice Chair and First Vice Chair of the Members of Color Caucus. Additionally, she served as Chair of the Legislative Black Caucus from 2021-2022.   

Rep. Taylor will continue her service on the Human Services, Youth, and Early Learning Committee and the Housing Committee.  She currently leads the bipartisan Developmental Disability Advocacy Caucus, and she has also served on the Community and Economic Development Committee and the Transportation Committee.  

The Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee plays a pivotal role in shaping legislation related to civil rights, the legal system, and ensuring justice for all Washington residents. With her background in law, community advocacy, and public service, Rep. Jamila Taylor is poised to lead the committee effectively, addressing key issues and advancing equitable policies for the state. 

“My commitment to serving the public interest and championing civil rights has been the driving force behind my legal career and my work in the Legislature,” said Taylor. “I look forward to working with my colleagues on the committee to ensure equitable policies for all Washington residents.” 

Taylor’s position and the rest of the 2024 committee assignments will become official after a vote of the full House on Jan. 8, the first day of the 60-day session.