OIMS and Salmonberry students visit Olympia

Lovelett, Rep. Debra Lekanoff and Rep. Alex Ramel made the exceptional effort to pause between committee meetings and talk with the students about the process of how a bill becomes a law; the importance of citizen participation in government; how to apply for the Page program in the coming session; and how they themselves became officeholders. Each legislator also gave a summary of the bills they are personally involved with at the current time. They then fielded questions from the students on everything from how it feels when a bill you have worked very hard on dies in committee to Salmon Recovery plans to what the future looks like for the ferry system. The kids asked good, well-informed questions that demonstrated how well they had prepared for this opportunity. One of the parents present remarked that between listening to our kids and our competent, cooperating, serious-minded LD40 team, she felt a great spark of optimism for the future.

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