Fantastic Fridays

  • The 2022 State Budgets | March 25, 2022

    I know it has been hard for you and your family. The past two years have been rough, our nation is experiencing inflation, and too many workers and small businesses… READ MORE

  • Week 9 | The 2022 Session Comes to an End | March 11, 2022

    We just wrapped up the 2022 Legislative Session! After a jam-packed 60-days, we adjourned late last night after passing the finalized transportation and operating budgets. In future newsletters, I’ll go… READ MORE

  • Welcome to the 2022 Legislative Session! | January 14, 2022

    Just like last session, we’ll be doing most of our work virtually to help keep the public, staff, and lawmakers safe. There are also some guidelines we’ll be following to help protect… READ MORE